About Naturarbo

2011, one rope, one chainsaw & one goal; the specialisation & development of arboriculture in the south of Portugal, Naturarbo was created. Felipe, the co-founder & leader of Naturarbo, has always been passionate about nature & has implemented the standard of the profession in the Algarve, becoming the first certified arborist in the region. Naturarbo (registered trademark) stands out for the quality of its services, security in operations, & defence of customers & their properties, as they are fully insured. With the preservation of nature as a priority, they only use fuels & oils with reduced environmental impact.

All interventions follow the protocol defined by the European Tree Pruning Standard of the European Arboriculture Council. Our client list includes hundreds of private individuals, schools, campsites, hotels, companies & contractors. We regularly collaborate with the largest arboriculture companies in Portugal. We train arborists & chainsaw operators.